About Bus Rental Companies

In these days’ businesses have developed in many aspects and their services or products show clearly the power of their growth evolving over years.

All businesses are incorporating new means and technologies in order to keep themselves within the challenges of a changing atmosphere. Same are doing the bus companies that provide their vehicles for rent. These companies are privately owned and can operate for public transport reasons as well as for private tailored travel. In most cases bus rentals also cooperate with travel businesses or are branches of these travel companies.
Everyone and every group have requirements meaning that bus rentals do all they can to ensure everyone’s satisfaction. Bus rentals provide a variety of vehicle types and sizes. This means that you can choose from large to small size buses to accommodate your guests and fulfill your objectives. Companies will assist you with different levels of luxury when required. They have experts that can tailor your request according to your needs and desires. Apart from providing you with organizational advice and services, bus rental experts are able to calculate the best price that suits your needs for the event.

Transport services provided by bus rentals:

Weddings are stressful without planning a rental coach bus for you and your guests. Let the bus rental take the hassle out of the coach bus rental process. They will work with you or your wedding planner to make sure all special requirements are met and no detail is overlooked during your rehearsal dinner, bachelor parties, family transportation, and more. Their experts can help make a memorable wedding day.

Corporate events
For corporate events, meting, conferences, outing, training sessions and more bus rental services take the hassle out of your transportation. These companies offer a variety of corporate coach bus options. They understand how much planning goes into organizing these sorts of events together with their level of difficulty.

Bus companies have vehicles that can accommodate almost any group, regardless of the size. They understand the pressure and the amount of time that goes into planning such large events meaning that they are ready to work and provide a number of different buses and types to ensure that the event is a success. Sometimes it can be unbelievable the efficiency these companies are ready to offer you.

All the companies have the experience about group meeting, family trips and special transportation for special times. The main priority is to provide safe and reliable timely transportation. Bus rentals are excellent to plan bus for birthdays, anniversaries, annual traditions, and more.

Group travel
Whether your group is traveling to a historical site, game night, casino or shopping trip, bus companies provide safe, comfortable and reliable transportation. Their experts will work through any special charter bus requirements your group may have to make your trip relaxed and convenient.

School travel
When it is time for your school or college group to hit the road, let a bus rental to plan safe, reliable and affordable transportation. All bus companies have experience providing group charter bus services for athletic teams, band trips, theater groups, field trips, and more.

Sport travel
Athletes and fans can count on a coach bus to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to every game. Bus rentals team of professionals have extensive experience providing charter bus services to professional, college, high school, junior-level athletic events, and more.

Are you organizing a trip for your travel agency, institution or company, for your clients or partners? Are you looking to hire buses or coach for groups, for transfers from the airport or the ferry port? No matter how many people you’re traveling with, bus rentals can always find the perfect charter bus for you, from compact minibuses to full-size charter buses to custom fleets with a mix of both.

Whatever you need to know about renting a bus, the best to do is to contact one those bus rental companies. We assure you that they will give you all the information and the support you need to plan the transportation of your guests. Tell them about the nature of your event and ask for an affordable price, also, make sure you request additional information about H&S policy in order to be ready to succeed with your organization.

Reference: Online sources

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Tips for Renting a Charter Bus for School Field Trips

School trips are important as much as the education of our kids within the classroom is. Kids learn from many things and in multiple ways.

When you plan a school trip, you have to make sure that a good amount of activities include also educational purpose. This doesn’t fill only the program of the trip, but it makes the it enjoyable and funny. The best way to learn is through games and sports. So, in order to achieve the best from a school trip think about all you need, from permissions slip, lunches to recruiting chaperones and building group activities.

Elite Mobility can help you organize a big part of your trip plan — the transportation! Whether you’re traveling with a school group or a summer camp, a charter bus can make your trip a little easier. Elite Mobility will help you renting a charter bus you’ll need for your trip. We’ve also compiled a list with things to know before you rent a bus for your school trip.

1. Options available

When it comes to renting a charter bus, there are many different buses and vehicles to choose for your trip. The school bus is the standard way to travel for student and campers. This bus can usually be reserved quickly and is efficient for short trips. However, it becomes uncomfortable for long-distance trips or outings in major metro areas with hours of traffic. Therefore, it is important that you ask for some advice to choose the right one. A full-size charter bus may be a better choice if you’re traveling long distances and have little ones who may need a bathroom break mid-trip.

2. Safety

Some of school buses do not have safety belts. This means that if safety belts are a must in your list, better let the reservation experts know before booking the service. Is very important that your check all safety elements and the policy behind the H&S protocol before choosing a bus for your trip.

4. Ask for a driver that fits the character of your trip

Companies have the possibility to assign the services to drivers from all levels of experience. If your think you might need a driver who knows also about the area you’re visiting with your kids, because you have free hours to explore, do not hesitate to ask for. Inquire always for drivers who have experiences with transporting children and students as they know better how to make the transportation unforgettable for the little ones.

6. Think about your travel dates and destinations

Buses availability vary depending on when you plan to travel. Charter bus availability fluctuates depending on when and where you plan to travel. There are seasons when renting a bus can be very expensive. Spring and summer are those busy seasons. Major cities are also more likely to see shortages in availability due to their popularity. You don’t want either rent a bus on expensive rates or cancel your trip because buses aren’t available when you decide. We recommend starting your booking process at least six months in advance to ensure you get the best type of bus for your field trip.

7. Plan your payment ahead

One way to organize your payment is the standard with a credit card. Sometimes is necessary to reserve services, purchase orders, contracts or other documentation of your trip. When these forms of payment come through your school district or organization, make sure you notify everyone involved. Processing these payments can take additional time, so be sure to plan your field trip as far in advance as possible.

8. Chaperones

Assign one chaperones to around 10-12 children. Before that you’ll need to have a headcount for your kids and chaperones. As everyone boards the bus, seat chaperones with their respective group of kids. In this way you’ll be able to supervise each kid and make sure they’re having a safe and enjoyable trip.

Book Your Bus
The most important is to have a safe trip with your school kids. Educators, athletic coaches, and camp counselors can count on Elite Mobility for all of their group transportation needs. Our experts will get you a personalized trip and transportation program. We organize transportation for excursions, educational, sporting, and game purposes.


Click here to go to request-form

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Buses in Europe: Meaning and Benefits

Buses in Europe are often the cheapest way to travel from A to B and vice versa. This way of transport is a tradition now of the old continent and traveling by bus is a popular choice for locals and tourists as well.

Buses in Europe

Traveling by bus is not only a safe and reliable option to travel within European countries such as France and Spain, but also to smaller locations that are harder to reach. Also, there are intercontinental routes that give you the opportunity to travel across countries.
Traveling by bus is often the most cost-effective choice. Their ticket prices don’t fluctuate as much meaning that buses are a great option for those on a constricted budget or those who like to have flexibility with their plans.
The standards for bus travel in Europe are higher compared to other continental bus networks. You will find routes, like intercity and cross-country links, that go from France to Germany or Budapest to Vienna, or Nuremberg to Prague, etc. There are many companies that provide this traveling ways through many routes. In addition, for those who want to travel from the Southeast Europe (including the Balkans) to Europe’s EU countries, buses are available by weekly schedules and all the seasons of the year. For example, there is a route starting from Tirana to Berlin and vice versa. And in this case, we recommend to contact with Elite Mobility, e very experienced travel company in Albania that operates in Southeast Europe.

Significance of long-distance buses

Long-distance buses are also called intercity bus service or intercity coach service. This way of moving on the roads is both public and private (travel or transportation companies). Unlike a transit bus service, which has frequent stops throughout a city or town, an intercity bus service generally has a single stop at one location in or near a city, and travels long distances without stopping at all. As we said, they may be operated by government or private industry. Intercity or long-distance buses can serve to areas or countries with no train services, or may be set up to as a more flexible or cheaper alternative compering with other means of transport.
Intercity bus services are of prime importance in lightly populated rural areas that often have little or no public transportation. Going from one place to another by bus has personal, social and environmental benefits.
The most significant impact that buses bring into our lives are:
Improvement of health: Have you ever thought that walking to and from the bus can provide the recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day? This means being active that helps with physical health and reduces private driving stress. Bus are also a safer way of traveling.

Reduction of air pollution: Buses keep the air cleaner. We can save up to 10 kg carbon dioxide a person by leaving the car at home and using bus transport.

Less traffic crowding: Riding on buses means fewer cars on our roads, reduced car-engine noise and more freeways to move from A to B.

Buses is an option, and a cheap one, for people who do not drive or can’t drive at all. Not everyone is a car driver or has the possibility to get one.

Helps the economy: Studies show that every cent invested in public transportation gives back four time higher in the economy of a city.

Benefits of coach

Bus or coach travel offers a fantastic variety of benefits, many of which compensate the trouble of other styles of public transport or the cost of running your own car. Below we have listed 12 of them.

1. Trouble-free travel

2. Plenty of storage space

3. Serene and stress less travel

4. Cheaper way to travel

5. Safety

6. Comfort travel

7. Secured parking place

8. Reduces environmental impact

9. No need to research itineraries

10. Away from driving stress, smooth journey

11. Convenient pick-up locations

12. Opportunities to discover more and learn

To conclude, bus travel deserves its own spot right beside top travel options such as planes, trains and automobiles. And it’s not only because it provides cheap tickets; it’s because bus travel is offering more safety, comfort, convenience, and even precision in arrival times.

Sources: Dews Coaches

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How to Plan your Event-Transportation Aspect

Booking transportation for an event can be a huge hurdle, and we all know that. This issue get’s bigger sometimes when it comes to large scale events. It’s a challenge that doesn’t end until the last guest is served as properly. Problems are a bit tricky thing as they present themselves at the most inappropriate moments.

The following tips will give you the possibility to make your event safe from unexpected situations and problems. To follow these tips doesn’t mean that your event would be free of problems, but being prepared for what to expect and having thought about solutions will give the ability to use your knowledge at the right moment when needed. And this is the first tip as basic in every kind of work and event organizing approach.

Style your transportation to match the event theme

The event theme is your starting point for all aspects of the occasion, and this is also valid when it comes to transportation. You can decorate the bus, put logo or cover it with colors, flags, banners, and so on. As same as you do with other aspects of your event, the bus you’re renting must be seen too. There are some buses that will give access to the speakers and create your own playlist to entertaining your guest during the trip. So, in this case ask the rentals about implementing your creative ideas and for the bus option available.

Things to prepare in advance for your event transportation

1. Be aware of bus availability and book in advance

Depending on the season, we recommend to book your bus 2-6 months in advance. Check also the traffic at the period your event goes up, and look for major events that can impact the transportation time and journey.

2. Provide accessibility for disabled attendees

You may provide a number where passengers needing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle may request one free of charge.

3. Publish your transportation information

Make sure attendees know exactly how to get to and from your event by shuttle. This will help them plan their trip before taking the event bus.

4. Arrange for a team member to ride on each shuttle

Choose team members or volunteers to ride on each bus and serve as representatives for your event.

5. Pay attention to parking and loading zones when selecting your venue 

If you’re chartering multiple buses, you’ll need to select a venue that can accommodate bus traffic.

6. Gather information about your guests

Is important to know what your guests need and like to have during the time on the road. Especially when someone goes in an event with a bus, it makes transport easier when facilities fulfill his/her needs and likes.

Choose to ren a bus for your event

Why renting a bus for your event is best? Renting a bus is better in many aspects. This includes easier way to organize diverse people within a group, have control over the time on the road and over the movement of your guests, health & safety needs, have all things in one vehicle and reduce event costs. These are the prons of renting a bus for your event comparing to other means of transportation.

Have a backup plan

Build a backup plan even your main one makes you feel safe and secure for its achievements. There going to be always unforeseen circumstances that can throw everything away. Bus breakdowns and bad weather are just few of the things that can go easily wrong.
Planning ahead a plan B can help you to reduce the risk and have ready solutions to use. Find out from the bus company how bad the weather needs to be before they suspend their services. Decide if you’ll reschedule the event or offer public bus tickets for attendees if your transport services fall through.
Ask your bus company what their policy is on bus breakdowns and delays due to maintenance. Also, ask if they can provide last-minute minibuses in case of bus breakdown. After having all this information in your hand, build a plan B that is balanced at least 70% of the main plan.

Hire a bus from experienced company like Elite Mobility

It is recommended to hire services and products from well based companies, especially when your needs are related to big scale events. This is critical. You need assurance that they will deliver safe, quality buses and professional drivers.

Elite Mobility is focused mainly in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia, and partners with other bus companies and professional drivers over Europe. Their staff is trained to link you with the perfect fleet of buses at an affordable rate.

Make a contact with them!

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Bus Rentals: Why and How to Choose One

When to rent a bus?

When you go for renting a bus for your trip or event you need to think about two factors: a) how many people will need to be transported and b) how long will the passengers be travelling for. Out there, you will find wide variety of comfortable and affordable bus rental options to lodge the needs of any party and provide the best in suitable group travel solutions.
The best thing about bus rentals is how adaptable they are! From weddings and sports groups to student and tours, buses can help accommodate several kinds of group travel. As a matter of fact, charter buses are among the safest and most cost-efficient means of group transportation that’ll get you from point A to B (and back again!) as simply as possible.

We’ve put together some occasions for which bus rentals would be perfect.

For group of students and school events

Student life is vibrant and jammed with events. Whether these are happening on campus or away from the school ground, there are benefits to chartering a bus for the purposes of student groups, university events, or large group trips. It’s not always easy to find transportation for large groups, but when chartering a bus, the problems disappear.
Students can be transported in a comfortable way to their campus events such as sports games, concerts, etc. The charter bus company can also help with organizing transportation for other groups on campus such as faculty members and alumni who want to attend these special events. Charter buses can also be used by universities that have students studying abroad in another country so they can come back home for special school events like graduation ceremonies. Charter buses make traveling with large groups very convenient and organized. This is especially true if you’re renting from a professional charter bus company that has been doing business for many years and knows what it takes to get people where they need to go in an efficient manner without any hassle involved.

Tour group bus

These buses are almost identical to transport rentals; they’re just meant for larger groups or families that want extra room. Tour bus rentals can hold up to 45 people, but are typically loaded with amenities—they come with GPS, overhead lights, DVD players, a restroom and more. Be prepared for lots of questions about why you need such a big bus when you fill out your reservation form. It’s helpful to think through all of your options when planning your trip so that you can decide what sort of space will fit your group best.

Bus for wedding events

Wedding buses are becoming more popular for couples looking for a fun way to get from their ceremony to their reception. These kinds of transportation can be used for bridal parties, wedding guests, families or anyone else that is attending a wedding celebration. If you’re planning on taking part in a tour group, choosing a bus might be your best option if you need to travel with lots of people but don’t want them taking up too much space in your vehicle. Since these types of rentals are so versatile, they’re usually quite affordable and there is no limit as to what they can transport or how many people they can carry. One thing that you will want to consider when renting an entire bus is what kind of amenities it comes with.

Corporate events

If you’re planning a business meeting or retreat, there are plenty of ways to make your trip efficient and successful. One way is to book a bus for corporate events. This has several advantages over flying or taking multiple taxis, including less work for attendees who need to book their own flights, fewer worries about airport delays or lost luggage, and lower costs than traveling individually by car or renting a limo service. Instead of having different people check into hotels around town during an event or tour group rental, everyone can stay in close quarters on your private bus tour. If you don’t think it will fit in your budget, try looking at charter services like party buses that are popular with bachelor parties as well as bachelorette parties.

Bus for sporting teams

When it comes to sporting teams bus rentals is the best to choose. A tour group rental is perfect for a group traveling together with amenities like luggage, tour guides, and activities to look forward to along the way. Buses can provide special touches for road trips.
Coach buses are ideal for offering many modern comforts and tournament travel. They are the best for travelling longer distances, while school bus rentals are more affordable solutions for local away games. Coach buses for sporting events are also very effective way to get your team to its destination on time. They have plenty of options to set aside storage space for sports equipment.

Kinds of vehicles you can rent

You should choose different types of bus according to your occasion needs. Starting from sprinter vans to full-sized coach buses. There is a type for each individual trip needs.
Each vehicle comes with its own set of amenities and advantages.


Sprinter Vans

Sprinter vans are an economical way to transport smaller groups and can accommodate between eight and 15 people at a time. Sprinter van is the perfect balance between a minivan and a bus. It includes such facilities as air conditioning, baggage storage, and sometimes Wi-Fi.
Sprinter vans are an economical choice because drivers aren’t required always.
There are three of the most popular sprinter van options, according on your desire and needs. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Ford Transit Passenger are basic and more cost-efficient than other options.


The best option for corporate events, field trips, and tours is a minibus. It seats up to 21 people and is suited for trips where the distance travelled is short and with several stops. Equipped with a school bus layout but smaller, the minibus is a convenient and versatile bus rental with an economic and efficient design. Not needing a separate driver in addition to the one driving the bus, you can quickly load and unload passengers without hassle. The minibus also has good visibility from the inside and it’s safer than traveling on busier roads or highways. Plus, it also has better fuel economy than the larger buses. So, it’s ideal if you’re looking to save money on transportation costs.
One way to cut costs is to go with a budget-friendly minibus instead of something more expensive. The Ford E450 minibus, for example, comes with some basic amenities to help keep you on budget, such as air conditioning, baggage storage, and a driver. Despite this, buses with Wi-Fi, power outlets, and DVD capabilities can be booked by special request. As well, some companies offer other nice touches such as satellite radio or television screens for passengers.

Coach Bus

When it comes to group transportation, the coach bus is widely known for its superior amenities, so it’s perfect for those traveling long distances. In addition to seats, the coach bus provides amenities that many other types of bus rentals don’t have. As a result, the coach bus is one of the most convenient and comfortable modes of group transportation. Several of these benefits include free Wi-Fi, power outlets at every seat, reclining seats with footrests, air conditioning, and restrooms on board. Beyond these, there are also a few other perks you might take advantage of such as a tour guide or audio guides available in multiple languages. If you’re planning a large group trip, then you’ll definitely want to consider renting a coach bus!
This vehicle is spacious enough to accommodate up to 55 people and includes a variety of features like audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, onboard bathrooms, and more comfortable seating. However, it is the driver’s time that is the biggest factor in the cost of your bus rental. For example, if you’re scheduling an all-day tour, you might want to consult an experienced professional who knows where and when to stop for bathroom breaks or food breaks on your route. If you want to keep a tight schedule but also want to be comfortable, try renting a luxury coach bus equipped with features like reclining seats and wireless Internet access.

Mini Coach Bus

Enjoy the various amenities of the coach bus, but in a more compact package with a mini coach bus rental. The mini coach bus can be used for both shorter hops and longer distances. This vehicle seats up to 31 people, offering a perfect in-between a minibus and a coach bus. The mini coach bus comes equipped with both overhead and undercarriage storage and is a great choice for weddings, sports trips, and corporate events which may require space for various equipment.
The mini coach bus boasts a wide range of amenities, including air conditioning, power outlets, and hi-speed Wi-Fi. In some cases, these rentals even come with TV and DVD configuration, making your trip all the more pleasant. However, the mini coach bus does not come with onboard restrooms, whereas a full-sized coach bus does — something to keep in mind during longer trips.

Mini coach bus can also be used as a school bus. 

How to decide what type of bus to choose

To get the best of coach buses when you travel in groups or in case you organize a trip for your employee, have these three steps as decision making method.

Step 1: Calirfy the time-length of the trip
Of all the variables to consider when renting a bus, one of the most important is how long you will be on the road. In other words, you need to find out the duration of your trip to plan the perfect bus. A Google Maps search will be handy, giving you a brief look at how long your travel time might be. Typically, a school bus is more efficient for shorter trips, while a coach bus is better for trips over three hours.

Step 2: What bus comforts do you need
The next thing to do is to figure out which features will work best for your group. Buses can come with the bare necessities or a range of extras like fast Wi-Fi, onboard bathrooms, TVs, and air conditioning. Since it’s the driver’s time that has the biggest impact on your bus rental quote, the price difference from option to option will be less when amenities are included. When including all the amenities, the coach bus is the most comfortable choice for your travel.

Step 3: Get an accurate headcount
You can pick between different options such as shuttle buses, sprinter vans, charter buses, motorcoaches, and party buses. Be careful of the capacity! It’s illegal to transport more than a car can handle. As an example, if your group is over 20 people, then renting a coach bus may be a better option. For small groups of people less than 20, rent a minibus, a van, or a mini coach bus.

Benefits of bus rentals vs other means of transport

Every form of transportation has its pros and cons.

In comparison with other forms of transportation, bus rental is not only safe and reliable way to transport groups of people. Coach buses are more environmentally-friendly and allow you to enjoy a comfortable and spacious way of traveling with luxuries like DVD players for long journeys.
Bus rentals are convenient for group travel as they give you the possibility to have everything in control and well organized without having so much gas intervals and the risk of losing some members of the group. This, keeping your group in a single vehicle, will save you money, stress and time.

Bus rentals are more convenient for group travel as they replace the need for finding or renting a fleet of 5-6 cars. No need to argue over who the designated drivers should be, or pull up for gas at different intervals and risk losing the other half of your group. Instead, keeping your group together in one single vehicle will save you both time and money when organizing your trip.

With bus rentals, you can plan personalized routes around your own itinerary, or even organize a bus rideshare for a big event if that’s something that interests you. Bus rentals are also great for companies looking to give their employees an incentive trip; whether it’s a long weekend in Vegas or a retreat at some exotic locale, bus rentals are perfect for groups of all sizes. No matter what kind of group you have in mind, having someone else do all of the driving means you can focus on enjoying yourself! And don’t forget about tour group rental benefits—when renting buses with other people, it makes sense to share resources!

Find a Charter Bus Operator in Your Area

Get in touch with Elite Mobility whenever you need a bus, mini bus or van, or coach bus for your event and groups. The company operates in Albania, the Balkans and Southeast Europe. It has high level vehicle and professional drivers over these areas. So in any case you plan your events in the countries within the areas Elite Mobility will help you with excellence.  Place your request!

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