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At Elite Mobility, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words. We believe that true sustainability means investing and taking actionable steps to ensure a better future for our planet. As we continue to grow, our focus remains on providing exceptional mobility services while prioritizing environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Future

Elite Mobility consists of buses and vehicles offered to rent for people who want to move from one point to another and vice versa. Transport section is also an essential part in tourism industry. It is the basic prerequisite for every holiday, regardless of the destination. Should it be in a neighboring province or distant country, without mobility, there might be holidays but no holiday trips.

Health & Safety

Drivers of buses and coaches are responsible for transporting passengers to their destinations in a safe and timely way. They have a lot to remember when it comes to safety. Drivers have responsibilities around staying safe on the road and looking after other road users and pedestrians.


School trips are as much as important the education of our kids within the classroom is. Kids learn from many things and in multiple ways. When you plan school trips, you have to make sure that a good amount of the activities includes also educational purpose.

Health & Safety

We all want to have a pleasant and enjoyable trip when we travel to destination we love or we dream about. Having this attitude makes us, sometimes, to forget all the little thing we need to consider in order to make traveling experience the best we can get from.


We live in the age of technological expansion. Is the century where tech systems and tools are gaining major space within every work environment.


If you’re planning a meeting or a conference in another country away from the one your business is based in, then you need to think about transportation of your guests or employees.


If you decide to take a trip with a group of people, for ex. your friends, choosing to rent a charter bus is as smart. In Europe over 500,000 buses are in circulation on roads today and 8.5 % of passenger transport on land is made by buses and coaches.

Products & Transfers

Across Europe, buses are often the cheapest way to travel from A to B and vice versa. This way of transport is a tradition now of the old continent and traveling by bus is a popular choice for locals and tourists as well.

Corporation & Event

The following tips will give you the possibility to make your event safe from unexpected situations and problems. To follow these tips doesn’t mean that your event would be free of problems, but being prepared for what to expect and having thought about solutions will give the ability to use your knowledge at the right moment in need. And this is the first tip that is as basic in every kind of work and event organizing approach.

Group Travel

When you go for renting a bus for your trip or event you need to think about two factors: a) how many people will need to be transported and b) how long will the passengers be travelling for. 

Bus & Transport

Transport within the Balkans can be very challenging. There aren’t many options for budget flights between Balkan countries, and if you decide to travel within the region, going by bus is the best way to.

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