If you decide to take a trip with a group of people, e.g. your friends, choosing to rent a charter bus is as smart. In Europe over 500,000 buses are in circulation on roads today and 8.5 % of passenger transport on land is made by buses and coaches. Bus rentals are growing on popularity too.

On one hand, all bus companies will do the best possible to make your service perfect and according to plan. On the other hand, is also important you turn the favor back.

Shortly, we have gathered some advice that help to make the service easier for both you and your bus company.

Don’t be late

When we talk about don’ts on a charter bus, first one and the most important thing is to be on time when traveling. When a passenger is late, the entire bus and all of the other passengers have to wait meaning late arrival to the desired destinations. Nevertheless, this is not happening all the time, there are buses that do not wait for long. Apart from that, every bus has its own schedule, so if the first service of the day runs late then it potentially can be late for the next service.

Be mindful of your food

When you need to bring your food with you while traveling, be careful with what you take. There are some snacks that may not go over well with other passengers on the bus.

Don’t be too loud or pesky

Talking on the bus is normal. The only thing you need to be thorough is the level of your voice. Be mindful! Tray to not shout at the person in the back while you’re sitting in the front. Keep phone calls and music at a moderate level. Always think about other passengers on the bus that they may not like to speak about topics that you do.

No underage drinking. Check with the company for alcohol restrictions.

Don’t take with you illegal substances

No weapons

No smoking

Do not talk or distract the driver

Do not leave things behind. When leaving the bus, check for your wallet, phone and jacket. So, little things that you might easily forget.

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