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About Elite Mobility

Mobility is an essential part of tourism destinations related to specific geographical area within which tourists enjoy different types of holidays. It is the basic prerequisite for every holiday, regardless of whether the destination is a neighboring province or a distant country. Without mobility, there might be holidays but no holiday trips.

Through Elite Mobility, we do offer the best choice for trips around Europe, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Albania.

Elite Mobility Network

Our International Network of local offices and representatives is continually expanding. services have a proud history of innovation and market leading customer satisfaction.
We ensure a safe transport in Europe, the Balkan regions, Albania and Eastern Europe.

Through our B2B services we provide the best deal to suits your needs. At every time we strive to create a mixed of work and relaxation for you.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable company, we have a vision with clear goals to guide us.

Profit: we aim to make money, but not at the expense of our other guiding principles.
People: our business is built on our people. So we treat them well and inspire them to be the best they can be.
Product: our expertise helps people discover the best of the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and encourages them to return and discover more.
Partners: We work with local communities and suppliers to build loyalty and trust.
Planet: we only have one; all our activities aim to minimize their environmental impact and create stronger local communities.

Our Services

Our Mobility services are handled by the best team on the field and delivered with professionalism. Mobility services are tailored carefully to ensure an outstanding experience for all our customers. We provide services that include day/multiday tours, transfers from A to B, solo and group transport, and made-for-you mobility services.

Elite Travel’s local experts carefully look at each individual product and negotiate every single price, ensuring outstanding service and exceptional value. We are prominent of safe travel and service for safe environment. 

Day Tours
Day Tours

Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia

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Multiday Tours
Multiday Tours


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Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia

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Our Products

Through smart and sustainable mobility, we don’t focus solely at the profitable aspect of our products. We develop each product by respecting our company’s principles related to sustainability and community enrichment.

You will find a large range from corporate travel, individual and group transfers, hospitality arrangements, school excursions, wedding organizing, sightseeing tours, event organizing and more. Discover all in our Mobility Product page.

We believe
in Synergies

If you have any questions about our products or services, take a minute to fill this form. We’ll be delighted to help You out and Grow Together!

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