Tips for Choosing a Corporate Bus Transfer

If you’re planning a meeting or a conference in another country away from the one your business is based in, then you need to think about transportation of your guests or employees. 

Public transport can be very troublesome, especially when you don’t have any idea about it in the country you’re planning to go. Also, you must think to realize the best service for your guests to experience.

Whether is that a transfer from airport to the conference or from the hotel (and vice versa), no matter what are these places and times, a bus rental company will be as perfect to organize the best outcome for your corporate transfer.

Those bus companies can arrange group pick up & drop off to or from either Domestic or International airports to the Hotel of your choice, transport to & from hotel to function center or office headquarters. In addition, if your guests would also like a social outing like day tour, dinner at a specific location or something else, the company can arrange them all.

We are placing below some questions to help you figure out what is there for your corporate transfer to be as best to experience. You can use these questions also as method to decide whether you need a bus or not.

Does your staff travel continually?
Do you have overseas partners that need to be transferred from A to B?
Are you organizing a conference, meeting, incentive or business event away from home?
Are you concerned about guests’ safety during their move from home to the event place?
Do you have to move your employees between different business sites?
Is your event in another country about which you don’t know much?

If your answers are yes, then you need to rent a coach bus to serve your guests at the best way you can. Get e quote from Elite Mobility in Albania and Southeast Europe!

Also, consider these tips to make your planning easier:

1. Consider timeliness and create a timetable

You need to check every hour and itinerary of your flight first, then have these as basic to appoint the bus for the transfer from the airport and let the company know about things that might go wrong. This helps you to plan timetables and build a backup plan in case problems arise. Check with the bus company what are their service limits and can’t-do.

2. Judge the size of your group and luggage space

When you choose a bus for your transfer, make sure you take your group size into account. No matter what kind of group is that family, friends, or employees think of the size and also about the space, you may need on the bus carrier space. So, if the group size is more than 20 people, choose a coach or mini coach bus. 

3. Do the math including all the bits

Consider here not only the cost of renting a bus at the number of people that your group consists of. This is especially important if your travels take you away for long periods of time, as parking fees can really add up. However, is important to consider these costs into your overall budget so you don’t end up surprised by your travel services gathered all at once.

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