How to Plan your Event-Transportation Aspect

Booking transportation for an event can be a huge hurdle, and we all know that. This issue get’s bigger sometimes when it comes to large scale events. It’s a challenge that doesn’t end until the last guest is served as properly. Problems are a bit tricky thing as they present themselves at the most inappropriate moments.

The following tips will give you the possibility to make your event safe from unexpected situations and problems. To follow these tips doesn’t mean that your event would be free of problems, but being prepared for what to expect and having thought about solutions will give the ability to use your knowledge at the right moment when needed. And this is the first tip as basic in every kind of work and event organizing approach.

Style your transportation to match the event theme

The event theme is your starting point for all aspects of the occasion, and this is also valid when it comes to transportation. You can decorate the bus, put logo or cover it with colors, flags, banners, and so on. As same as you do with other aspects of your event, the bus you’re renting must be seen too. There are some buses that will give access to the speakers and create your own playlist to entertaining your guest during the trip. So, in this case ask the rentals about implementing your creative ideas and for the bus option available.

Things to prepare in advance for your event transportation

1. Be aware of bus availability and book in advance

Depending on the season, we recommend to book your bus 2-6 months in advance. Check also the traffic at the period your event goes up, and look for major events that can impact the transportation time and journey.

2. Provide accessibility for disabled attendees

You may provide a number where passengers needing a wheelchair-accessible vehicle may request one free of charge.

3. Publish your transportation information

Make sure attendees know exactly how to get to and from your event by shuttle. This will help them plan their trip before taking the event bus.

4. Arrange for a team member to ride on each shuttle

Choose team members or volunteers to ride on each bus and serve as representatives for your event.

5. Pay attention to parking and loading zones when selecting your venue 

If you’re chartering multiple buses, you’ll need to select a venue that can accommodate bus traffic.

6. Gather information about your guests

Is important to know what your guests need and like to have during the time on the road. Especially when someone goes in an event with a bus, it makes transport easier when facilities fulfill his/her needs and likes.

Choose to ren a bus for your event

Why renting a bus for your event is best? Renting a bus is better in many aspects. This includes easier way to organize diverse people within a group, have control over the time on the road and over the movement of your guests, health & safety needs, have all things in one vehicle and reduce event costs. These are the prons of renting a bus for your event comparing to other means of transportation.

Have a backup plan

Build a backup plan even your main one makes you feel safe and secure for its achievements. There going to be always unforeseen circumstances that can throw everything away. Bus breakdowns and bad weather are just few of the things that can go easily wrong.
Planning ahead a plan B can help you to reduce the risk and have ready solutions to use. Find out from the bus company how bad the weather needs to be before they suspend their services. Decide if you’ll reschedule the event or offer public bus tickets for attendees if your transport services fall through.
Ask your bus company what their policy is on bus breakdowns and delays due to maintenance. Also, ask if they can provide last-minute minibuses in case of bus breakdown. After having all this information in your hand, build a plan B that is balanced at least 70% of the main plan.

Hire a bus from experienced company like Elite Mobility

It is recommended to hire services and products from well based companies, especially when your needs are related to big scale events. This is critical. You need assurance that they will deliver safe, quality buses and professional drivers.

Elite Mobility is focused mainly in Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia, and partners with other bus companies and professional drivers over Europe. Their staff is trained to link you with the perfect fleet of buses at an affordable rate.

Make a contact with them!

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