Elite Mobility in the Transport Industry

Elite Mobility consists of buses and vehicles offered for rent to people who want to move from one place to another and vice versa. Transport section is also an essential part in tourism industry.

It is the basic prerequisite for every holiday, regardless of the destination. Should it be in a neighboring province or distant country, without mobility, there might be holidays but no holiday trips.

Services of Elite Mobility, are managed by a well-trained staff capable of planning client’s transportation and preventing unhappy situations. The team will guarantee safe enjoyable travel, cutting-edge technology support, and dedicated drivers to get the best from special services. Also, Elite Mobility offers special services for special people.
Elite Mobility in the Transport Industry is the best choice that you can find in the field, with over 20 years experience. The Elite Mobility team strive to become essential part of everyone’s travel plans. 

As an experienced and professional company, Elite Mobility offers a wide range of services covering ground transport, airport parking, bus and car rental, sightseeing tours, rail and cruise packages, etc. For example, holiday self-drive packages or fly-drive holidays as well as car hire, chauffeur-driven or escorted coach excursions for individuals, families and/or groups with any mobility requirement. Elite Mobility has vehicles that can be used in different ways of transport in both aspects, solo and collective.


So, let’s have a look at their services and products.

School Travel

Services of Elite Mobility

Day tours

The Elite Mobility team is able to serve with quick decisions, flexibility, and detailed customer service.
At Elite Mobility you will find day tours that can add in to your chosen service at any time. If you want your travel experience to be more exciting, the company can also provide you with the right guide for the place you want to visit. They have great guides and always impart plenty of information.

Multiday tours

Elite Mobility services can go longer and firmer. Whether in the Balkans or Albania the company will provide the best experience tailored by a team of professionals.
They serve small and medium-sized companies, multinational companies, and national and international organizations as well. If you want to organize a group tour or team building tour, they will tailor a trip package according to your needs.

In addition, Elite Mobility offers specially made multiday tours to destinations all around Albania and the Balkans.


Elite Mobility is specialized in delivering to International partners dedicated to purchased mobility products. This sector of the company provides you with all kind-airport transfers, land and on-port arrivals, and moving from one point to another. It will assist you through each step of your transfer so you can focus effortlessly on your business objectives. First class service and a range of different way of transfer services such as private transfer, solo, and group transfers, all chauffeured services, and all kinds of vehicles, that can suit you at the best, are there to be chosen.

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Elite Travel Bus

Products of Elite Mobility

Group travel

Group travel is a joyful experience and cost-effective service. Elite Mobility offers you a variety of options to choose from for group transports and trips.
They have several types of vehicles to let: 55, 56, and 57 Passengers Buses, 25 Passengers Mini Buses, 20 Passengers Mini Buses, 15 Passengers Vans, and 12 Passengers Vans. All these are packaged with air-conditioned and all main commodities (can-add) for any kind and size of group travel.

Hospitality transfers

Elite Mobility can organize hospitality-related transfers for all kinds of businesses. This service is offered in both sectors, travel, and accommodation. They are present and supportive in each step of the service, before, during, and after the travel.
Elite Mobility gives you the opportunity to either choose to make a ride request on behalf of your customers or pick up one for a later schedule.

Sightseeing tours

Elite Mobility offers transport solutions for you and your family specialized in safe and timely transport service. Their sightseeing tours are customized to your needs and available in a number of cities within both the Balkans and Albania. As an experienced and professional company, Elite Mobility offers both one-day to multiday services, for individual or group travel.


The company can plan the transportation of guests, friends, family, etc., and can organize all the desirable bits, related to transportation, for your wedding occasion. They realize you have many people to please on your special day, therefore they offer wedding personalized transport for you. Their wedding services will make your transportation stress free, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your very special day!


Elite Mobility is the largest and most experienced provider of ground transportation services in Albania. It specializes in planning meetings, conferences, and group and social event transports. They know the transport service inside-out and work tirelessly to provide customized event planning solutions. 
Also, they provide professional destination services and tour planning for businesses and associations of all sizes across Eastern Europe, the Balkan regions, and Albania.

School excursions & collectives

Elite Mobility can create life-changing transport for school excursions. From bushwalks to themed overnight adventures. They build the best transportation for excursions for all their customers.
They are experts in school excursion transport with over 20 years of experience. At Elite Mobility, the team of experts is dedicated to arranging fun-filled educational excursions that are carefully designed for your school needs and time frames.

Corporate transfers

Elite Mobility is the best choice in the Balkans and Albania for your corporate incentive, event, meetings, and more. They ensure that all product services can be tailored to work in all kinds of businesses and sizes. They offer long term-contract for transport services, business employee transport, airport to destination transfers, and more around Albania.
Also, the company provides tailormade transfers according to the clients’ needs and wishes. The company takes time to prepare and plan each detail of the service in order to achieve the best qualitative outcome. 

Planning business trips can be time-consuming and complicated. It’s good to have someone who can do it for you.
Elite Mobility’s fleet of vehicles offers a range of options: from Sprinter Vans, Mini-buses, and Executive Coaches. The fleet can accommodate any group size for all sorts of corporate transfers.

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Elite Mobility Professional drivers

The company relies on trained and certified drivers that are prepared for any traffic or travel problem that may occur. About the overnight journeys, drivers alternate frequently. No matter the destination or the time of your journey, safe travel is always the top priority of Elite Mobility and its drivers.

With the vehicles that the company currently has, it can be surely said that they are in an excellent position to support anyway any scale of transportation. They have a very capable maintenance structure including the required tools, skilled technicians, well-equipped facilities, and information systems all of which provide us with excellent results.
The company has also developed maintenance programs that ensure safe travel. These include Daily Inspections, Technical Bulletins, MTO inspection, Quality of Parts, and Corrective Maintenance Capability.

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Elite Mobility H&S

You and your family are always safe when traveling with Elite Mobility buses.
At Elite Mobility, they go the extra mile to make sure each of the passengers arrives at their destination safely. They are committed to ensuring that customers, communities, and visitors experience a safe journey accompanied by responsible company behavior. 

Company managers work in partnership with employees to ensure all have gone through the process of H&S training. Each employee and driver are encouraged to become actively involved in assisting the manager to achieve a healthy and safe workplace. Drivers cooperate and report hazards and other substandard, incidents and near misses to their line managers. 

The company takes care of you in each step of its service and product deliverance.

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As an experienced and professional company, Elite Mobility offers a wide range of services covering ground transport, airport parking, sightseeing tours, rail and cruise packages, holiday apartment rentals and leisure activities. Elite Mobility works to match an individual’s specific requirements to the best possible transport and accommodation options.

The company operates mainly in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia, and has strong partnership with other companies in Europe. 

Get in touch with Elite Mobility if you have any question, the company will be more than happy to assist your needs.

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